Food Obsessions : April 2009, the first online post (part one).

I am posting my recent obsessions of food photography here for the first time. The last post I sent to my short email list was about a month ago already, and I'm surprised continuously how fast time goes. A month ago I was in the midst of my Angelina Jolie lips: I finally connected that it was my new shampoo. Even though it was almost entirely organic, the dermatologist thought it may have been the resin in the raspberry leaves, the first ingredient on the list. Fortunately, after I stopped using it, my lips are feeling completely normal again. Unfortunately, however, they are no longer as seductive as Angelina's.

On with the photos:

It nearly killed me to eat this sandwich, due to my lip problem at the time, but it was entirely worth it. I made one for Sasa to take to work too. I was in the mood for sprouting things, so after the 4 days or so it took my sprouts to sprout I celebrated with this: hummus, baked and breaded eggplant and oven roasted tomatoes from Mollie Weizenberg's article in Bon Appetit. I was also excited at my revelation to bake softer oat flour bread on a piece of parchment so it would slide onto the baking stone without sticking. All in all a very winning combination.

Clearly, I have fantasies about becoming a photographer.

I've made this same mango crisp 4 times this month... The last time, I used hardly any sugar and really delicious champagne mangoes in the filling, and I thought it was the best yet. I wish I were virtuous and enjoyed this best with yogurt, but sadly it's really the best with ice cream. I secretly enjoyed that neither my husband or little boy would eat any, but then justified by making really small amounts only one mango at a time.

Post Easter egg salad sandwich, with sprouts.

End part one.