Monday, with more energy than usual.

The first day of the week is always the day that I decide to start something that I've been putting off. I love to walk, but got somewhat out of the habit for the past couple of weeks due to rain and potty training. So this Monday morning, I decided that I have to be a walker once again. I must admit that it in some ways was due to the 5 pounds I realized I gained when I decided to weigh myself while visiting my parents for the weekend. They had a scale in the downstairs bathroom, and it was somehow able to call my name. (The only scale I have here in my home is inaccurate and buried in the back of the hall closet - where it will stay secured indefinitely.)

Normally, I'm not too hung up on weight...but I thought some of my clothes seemed a little snug. After that blasted scale called me out, I spent the rest of the day counting how many non-essential morsels I ate while happily helping my Mother in her kitchen. She made two different kinds of bars...what was I supposed to do? I chose to eat what I pleased (and it was worth it) and then decided bright and early on Monday morning, things were going to change.

SO, today after breakfast, boy and I took a walk to the "big park" which entitles me to at least 4 miles of calorie burning bliss. I obsessively wear a pedometer and am proud to report that it was 4.65 miles on today's route. We were back home by 11, and he actually was in bed for a much needed nap by noon. I took advantage of such a windfall by scrubbing the bathroom, washing my neglected kitchen floor and starting the laundry.

It was 2 o'clock and the kid was still asleep, so after a quick call to my Mom to see if I could use outdated Sure-Jell, I decided to make some freezer jam with the organic strawberries I got from the Amish during my visit home. I wasn't sure I could complete my task before the boy awoke, but don't you know that it takes absolutely no time and not much effort to make freezer jam? I swear that no one in America would dare dream of using overly processed, artificially sweetened (or by contrast needlessly expensive organic) preserves if he/she could manage the simplistic directions inside the Sure-Jell box. I figure my 6+ jar endeavor cost me about 6 bucks, and is infinitely more rewarding than purchasing.

The mismatched beauties resting nicely for 24 hours before freezing.

Excess strawberries, mixed with sugar and added to plain yogurt for consumption tomorrow.

I was also excited that my husband was making his own supper, so I could have whatever my heart desired...I chose quiche from Mollie Katzen's pretty simplistic method in The Enchanted Broccoli Forrest. I used farmer's cheese, goat cheese, zucchini, onion and mushroom. I haven't made a pie dinner for quite a while, and I really enjoyed it. I like it even more that I know all of the leftovers are mine. Fortunately I come from the stock that wastes nothing and eats until it's gone...seldom do I tire of eating the same thing day after day - unless that cooking bug really hits me hard, and that usually happens more in the indoor-bound winters.

I used the time the quiche was baking to wash up and considered the fact that I have no idea where I got my pressure cooking pot that I use for fudge, cooking pasta, (pressure cooking, of course...the one day a year I get a taste for the beer/yogurt chicken cooked under pressure - but that's another story), and generally everything else that doesn't fit into the sometimes too large All-Clad stockpot which is on the kitchen workhorse list.

I love the Magic Seal label.

The bottom of the pot. Mysterious numbers in a pleasing typeset.

All in all, not too bad for a Monday. I love that walking gives me energy and appetite, and now that I can proudly say my son is potty trained, I can stay on schedule once again. Soon my clothes will fit, and all will be right as rain.