Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Strawberry Ancho Preserves is Ellen H.!  I know you'll love this jar of jam, Ellen, and I can't wait to hear how you enjoy it! 


It's Mother's Day, and (appropriately maybe) it's my last day off before outside employment begins!  I'm having a quiet day as the littlest boy naps, and the other is outdoors riding his bike with the neighborhood kids.  I can't seem to shake how absolutely ordinary everything is. I tidied up the house, washed the bathroom sink.  After these few words I'll turn that pasta above into an Asian inspired asparagus salad with the addition of some radishes and maybe some sunflower microgreens - I've been eating those on everything lately.  I have a dear friend coming for dinner tonight, and we supposed that it was actually spring here in the Midwest and decided to throw sausages on the grill.  While sunny, it's still chilly and I broke down and put a sweater on because I refuse to close the windows...

My other big plans today include prepping galette dough for a dinner later this week and going to forage for a few ramps, after that sleepy little one wakes up.  Maybe we'll grill some ramps along with walking onions, which are proliferating down my backyard hill and out into the field, walking the way they do.  I'm trying to organize my thoughts in a way that don't revolve around meals and Monday being wash day.  It's all too easy to be sad, and yet, the sun comes pouring in and I am overwhelmed with the divine providence of it all and just how thankful for each moving piece that has perfectly slid into place.  Off to the next adventure!