Another Winner from Food Bloggers...cheers to Mostly Foodstuffs!

It's no secret by now that I am thoroughly obsessed with finding recipes from food bloggers. It's surprising how many people post original or slightly altered published recipes on food blogs, but I'm glad they do. I'm finding so many new things to try, I may have to cut down on external media sources (aka newspapers, magazines, cookbooks) so I can cut down on the visual clutter in my kitchen. I love recipes from blogs, since I have no laptop - but do have an iPod touch. The iPod is perfect for recipe reading, and takes up so much less space than a computer would. I can also bookmark and find again easily.

A few weeks ago, during my Food in Jars phase, I found a link for a recipe on Mostly Foodstuffs. All of Deena's recipes look totally amazing, and I was mentally and with iPod bookmarking these chocolate chocolate chip cookies to try. I finally had no dessert by yesterday, since I didn't have room in the fridge and I left my plum cake on the counter under the dome...and it developed mold! I was shocked. And after only 2 days! I think its demise was due to the weather, since it's been kind of humid here, and it is a moist cake due to the fruit...but still. The only good thing about its premature departure is that it rendered me dessertless, and I finally had a reason to make these:

Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Go ahead, click the link. I'll wait.

These were so great, and I think I've probably already eaten about 10. I did make them rather small, and also froze the bulk of them so I wouldn't continue eating them... but you can feel good about sneaking some flax and whole grain into your rather nutritionally challenged Husband like I did, and he really was none the wiser.

They kind of reminded me of the Midnight Madness

cookies that I buy at my local co-op the Outpost every once in a while. You can click the link for them above, but I've never made them since they are totally vegan, and require pantry ingredients that I don't have on hand.

The batter was a terrific thick, deep almost black color due to the 3/4 cup of cocoa powder. I knew, of course, from sampling the batter that they were going to be a keeper.

They bake for exactly 10 minutes, and rest on the tray for exactly 5, and then are really the chewiest, chocolatiest things their name could possibly suggest.

I forgot to give this sushi takeout box full to Sasa yesterday when we went to eat the Royal Rumbler at the Comet. After hearing Food Slam information on WMSE all week, I really had to go and get one of the benefit burgers last night. All I will say is it was totally worth it. Grass fed beef, bacon from one place that you should ALWAYS order bacon, and grilled jalapenos. What more could I say? After that kind of meal, I NEEDED to have a healthier dessert option around my house for awhile.

Nevermind that I should maybe try and go sugar free for a week. I know that just can't happen. So many, many thanks to Deena at Mostly Foodstuffs for a great cookie, and even more bookmarked veg ideas. I'm going to grill some extra corn tonight to try the corn dip and dressing she showcased a couple of weeks ago...