A Dimply Plum Cake Worthy of Dorie (or in Which Gina's Visit and a new Beater Blade Inspired a second draft of the Plum Cake...)

My former employer, and friend, Gina (aka, the Goddess of Pie) left about an hour ago, and I am happy to report that I finally have a pair of mittens! GOP, Sasa and I went to dinner last night, and had just enough time for me to stop at Loop and get the Gonzo knitting advice I needed for the completion of the second thumb. So, as soon as Gina and Zippy (her Honda Fit) left the drive, I compulsively sat down and finished up the mitered mittens. I just have to block them.

Ok, WHY is my computer psycho and will not accept the change I made to make this photo horizontal? I took the picture horizontally... the computer sprites are at it again, I guess.

We had a terrific 24 hour visit, and of course, I used the excuse of visiting for another attempt at the Dimply Plum Cake. My Mother and Sister-in-Laws gave me a beater blade for my Kitchen Aid for my birthday last week, and of course it was just calling me to make something that normally I'd have to scrape down. I was so sad at the ending of my last Dimply Plum Cake (though it was a sorry sight to behold, it was oh so delicious) I decided I'd have to make another. No matter that I had almost a whole banana cream pie in the fridge I happily made Monday. I was hosting the GOP and she makes pie for a living! So yesterday I had to make a cake!

The beater blade is a really great invention. Whoever took so long to think this up should be commended. I really did not need to scrape the bowl. And the second attempt at this cake while using the stand mixer with the blade really made for a nicer, more cohesive, and inspirationally silky batter.

I made the cake in a 9 inch round cake pan instead of the springform that was my fatal error last time. Just look: I was so excited as I peered into the oven to see that I don't really need to purchase a square cake pan...

It baked up perfect and puffy and wonderfully Dimply as the name would suggest. No buried plums in this cake.

The fruit cooled and its syrup pooled and collected and made the plums juicy and much better than they actually were. All in all the cake tasted about the same as the first attempt, but was so much more beautiful. I really am all about the Plum Cake, as GOP said.

So now, I'm facing the problem of half a pie and half a cake calling me from afar as I try to stay out of my kitchen for fear of continuing to bake. Really, I've only had sugar today. I had just a piece of pie for lunch (though the cake dome of Plum Cake really was calling my name...).

I'll have to invite someone over for dessert(s), or make a private baker delivery. I keep meaning to write the lyrics of Private Baker to the tune of Private Dancer by Tina Turner, since R1 told me that phrase originally. It will probably be her that I invite to indulge in dessert(s) since her birthday is 5 days past mine, and we have not celebrated together yet.

What fun to have out of town company! I love the feeling of running a temporary bed and breakfast. We had steel cut oatmeal, made the Cook's Illustrated way, and enjoyed a very leisurely morning.

"I'm your Private Baker, your Baker for Money...I'll make what you'll want me to make..." Well, it's definitely a work in progress. I'll bet you can't stop humming this tune now. If you think of some additional lyrics, let me know. I'll bet Tina Turner is glad that somewhere someone is remembering her 1984 classic fondly - though I doubt she'd ever imagine it being somewhat related to cake.

Edited (Summer 2010):

I do sadly believe that the Beater Blade is the reason for the needed repair of my KitchenAid Professional stand mixer. Granted, the repair wasn't *too* costly, about $100 including the shipping both ways, but the employee I spoke with told me that the beater blade is not designed by KitchenAid, nor is it designed to be compatible with KA. Really, it makes sense. A stationary motor for the home kitchen can not stand up to repeated revolutions with considerable drag to contend with. Just some food for thought... After I got my mixer back from the shop, I retired the beater blade. Back to the spatula for this baker!