Honey Pie (or Cake): you're making me crazy...

I know I'm obsessed with Mostly Foodstuffs, but I can now attest with reasonable certainty that these are all going to be fail-safe recipes, should I be lucky enough to try all of them. Yesterday, I was sadly without cake. A week ago, I tried the Chocolate-Zucchini Bundt from the site, and fortunately, my Mom came to visit the same day. My little brother loves this kind of thing, so I sent the lion's share home with her. I have to say, it only improved with age. I ate the last slice 6 days out, and I thought it was more delicious than the first day I made it.

A day without cake later, I decided I had to try her recently posted Honey Cake. Whereas the Chocolate Zucchini cake was somewhat healthy (or could at least be construed as healthier since it had the zucchini in it) the Honey Cake boasts three kinds of sweetener: honey, sugar and brown sugar. Sugar fiends rejoice! I'll gladly join them today, since it is chilly and fall-ish and the thought of a spice laden cake in the oven really appealed to me, no matter what the sugar content.

Since I was unsure about the ability to give some away, and I do realize that I really can not polish off a whole bundt cake alone, I cut the recipe in half and filled 6 1-cup mini bundts. I decided to keep four out, and the other 2 are popped into the freezer for future cake-free emergencies.

As the honey smell began to rise from the oven, I indulged in ordering some honey-related songs from iTunes: Honey, Honey by Feist and Camera Obscura's Honey in the Sun. Then I put them on a loop and did the dishes.

As you can see, I thought I may have a problem with the monstrous rising power - well over the tops of the mini bundts. Thanks to the most ingenious cooking spray with flour, I was easily able to lift them out. After slight cooling, I used a kitchen shears to trim away the excess (and who are we kidding, popped most of them into my mouth). I was so excited at the relative success and certainly the moistness of the amazing Honey Cake.

I think that mini bundt pans are designed to showcase cakes with a closer crumb, but I really thought these were beautiful. In the sunlight that decided to break across my dining room table, I really thought the cathedral domes of the bundt below looked decidedly honeylike.

If the markets are still laden with zucchini, you have frozen all you wish, and are tired of zucchini bread (I made this one from SpicyBrains, and it was good - and so lean, I didn't feel guilty at all) please try this Chocolate Zucchini Cake from Mostly Foodstuffs. I'd imagine it would freeze well, but I would suggest being popular with your friends and neighbors and sharing it around. A bundt is really marvelous for that.

Need I say more?