Miraculous Mac

I don't really have a comment-heavy blog site, which is fine. I love that when I do get a comment from someone I don't know, I can in turn check out his/her site and see a little part of another world, and in the case of food bloggers, what's up in the kitchen. Such was the case on my last post when I got a comment from ChefAmiee at A Twist of Spaghetti. I saw a recipe she posted for macaroni and cheese with spinach that was on the back of a Dreamfields pasta box.

Since we don't have this pasta
brand (at least that I've seen) in Wisconsin, it's unlikely that I would have happened upon it. It's a simple recipe, but so delicious. Even more so now that I have a full range of taste buds working for me once again. It's also something to tuck away into your repertoire, since with just a couple of ingredient changes, you can have an entirely different meal every time you make it.

I used half amounts for everything, since often I have way too many leftovers. Many times, even with half recipes, this is the case - but not tonight since my Husband loved this recipe, and I know because he had seconds! This above serving was the only leftover from my dinner adventures tonight, and I am happily looking forward to eating it for lunch tomorrow.

The original recipe calls for Dreamyfield pasta, but I used Barilla Plus, which what was on hand. I also used skim milk (which I shortcuttedly heated in the microwave), and took Aimee's advice on using slightly less cheese. The only other adapting I did was to add some of the spice mix from yesterday's tofu, and then a pinch more cayenne - since I can't have anything that's too spicy.

I don't buy many boxed things, pasta included. This truly isn't due to food snobbery, just that I like to make pasta. But sometimes, I get such a craving for pasta shapes, which I have no easy way to make, and the ease they lend to meal making. Tonight, it was just perfect for a girl that hasn't been whipping up any amazing scratch meals since before Christmas! I just toasted some wheat bread under the broiler for garlic toast, and that was it.

I think it may be the first time this new year that our little family has sat down all together and at the same time for supper (not that the Boy-O would eat any - his newest thing is that he doesn't like the smell of my food cooking), due to my NY trip and sicknesses. I forgot how nice it is! So nice that I forgot to take a pic until I was almost done eating...

So, please tuck this recipe Aimee was so kind to post into your brain box for pantry supper nights when you can't think of anything to make and don't feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. You'll be happy you did!