hidden mascarpone

hidden mascarpone, originally uploaded by Rcakewalk.

True to my word, here is today's usage of mascarpone: Pasta with Mascarpone-Tuna Tomato Sauce.

I heated up some frozen homemade pasta sauce, and then added a hefty spoonful of mascarpone. I know it's pathetic to get excited about watching cheese melt into hot sauce, but I was. (I couldn't help but wish I had made a Vodka Sauce, since this addition made it so silky, and Vodka Sauce is one of my favorite things.) I added one drained can of imported tuna in olive oil, my favorite, and stirred in about 2 cups cooked pasta. Topped with dried Lahey bread crumbs mixed with a bit of Parmesan cheese and olive oil, I baked it covered in foil until the carrots were done roasting: about 30 minutes give or take. It was liked by all, even the pickiest Boy-O who even ventured out of his fail-safe granola mode and ate several noodles.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning's application thanks to Lo: Stuffed French Toast. I'd better hurry up and get to bed!