About CakeWalk

The CakeWalk name originated in my head one day as I was walking.  I do like walking, and food can be easy if you enjoy it tremendously, kind of like a cakewalk.  And, I do adore cake.   Then I discovered that in addition to being an easy dance or a task easily accomplished, it was also a company on the east coast that develops music production software.  If you are looking for electronica, let me tell you, you are in the wrong place. While I have a great fondness of music of almost any type (but with a special nod to jazz), I also love to cook and bake, and this is the CakeWalk I have become.

When I began CakeWalk in April of 2009,  I was basically looking for a good outlet to obsess at length about all of the foodstuffs that I was nonchalantly emailing my friends.  I didn't realize that what I was sending every few weeks to that select few was the beginning of my online life.  In the duration of my first year as rcakewalk, I found even more than I bargained for:  new friends from all over the place and hundreds of bookmarked recipes from blogs around the planet.  My second year found me diving deeper into whole nutrition, making even more from scratch and changing my once negative views about heavy cream, butter, and coconut oil.

Year three began with commitments to only homemade ice creams in the freezer and purchasing mostly local and sustainable eats.  I had an itchiness to figure out home cheesemaking, deepen my understanding of wild yeast breadmaking, and possibly to build a still in my basement.  As years four and five dawned, the still hadn't been built, but then I found out that it would have been illegal anyway.  Cheesemaking was still on the list, but I had plenty on my plate - and then my second little son was born last summer, 7 years to the day after my first.

I've now hit my stride both online and in the kitchen.  Most everything eaten in our home is from scratch, and I continue to read voraciously on diet and whole health as it pertains to our food system.  I attracted the eye of a publisher, and wrote a canning and preserving cookbook which was released last fall!

Continue to follow my day-to-day operations as I make most of it from scratch. I am thankful for the little and the lot as I continue to learn and make, obsess a bit over whole health and true whole foods, and try to articulate just why it is I love to be in the kitchen so very much.