National RV Parks


Yesterday, I was asked by Shane to participate in an interview for his new and building website, National RV Parks. I wondered why he would want someone like me (a homebody who most of the time only can dream of travel) to be included in his articles on a travel based website. After I spent some time looking through some of the other interviews on his site, I found so many really interesting stories told through his questions. I'd encourage you to check them out. Even if you aren't bitten by wanderlust, I'm sure you will enjoy it as good reading, and maybe even find a few new websites to visit in the process. You can read my interview from today here, though I can't promise that I am half and interesting as some of the other people I read about!

On the topic of interviews, I remembered this interview I did when I was "tagged" last year by Brooke Fish of Pure and Noble. It's curious that interviews really make you stop and think, about yourself, your past, and what you love about your life. A small platform and a few questions, and anyone can be interviewed. Celebrity is really not that interesting to me, what is are the people I am surrounded by everyday - perhaps those that I've even overlooked. Everyone has something to say in his or her own way, and this could be just another of the reasons blogs are so addicting to read.

Thanks for including me in your project, Shane. I hope your site builds, and that your dream is realized!