I think I'll be a cookieposter, for the next several days of batch a day baking:

Yesterday, I searched high and low for a Bavarian Sugar Cookie recipe since rekindling my love for the film Stranger than Fiction. Did you know that recipe is fictitious? Amazing! I love this movie even more than before. I did discover some cool pseudo recipes, one for Bavarian Sugar Cookies made up with a sugar cookie recipe with the addition of cream cheese. I haven't tried them, but they do look very homey and delicious. I also found a blogger named Becca whose blog was entitled "In Search of Bavarian Sugar Cookies" (granted I clicked since I was indeed in search of Bavarian Sugar Cookies), she is not overtly food related, but interesting nonetheless.

I made an
error in these buttery sugar cookies pictured above, and instead of brushing an additional egg yolk on the exterior of the cookie before baking, I added it to the dough. Not an inedible mistake, they just spread out a bit more than I'd imagine is normal, and were extremely crisp since I baked them a bit longer. I dare say they are just about perfect with a cup of coffee. I saved out the very caramelized edgy ones to do just that.

Today I had to make my most favorite version of Gingersnap (though R1 and I were talking on the phone at the time and she consulted me that if they are soft, they aren't actually GingerSNAPS which does make some sense), actually called Molasses Spice Cookies from Cook's Illustrated. I included the link, but you actually have to sign up to get it. It would probably be worth it, mind you, since it is Christmas personified in a cookie if you ask me. If it's one thing the Cook's Illustrated people can do, it is to tell you exactly the right combination of spices to use, and why. If you happen to be a cookbook as novel reader like I am, this is incredibly insightful, and makes for some interesting plot points.

I decided on the second batch to use coarse sanding sugar to roll them around in. They are much prettier this way, and actually maintain a very festive sparkle. I have to go transfer them to the frozen depths, now, if you'll excuse me...