Inspiration from inspirations...

While reading sfgirlbybay's blog a few days ago, I was inspired by her inspiration boards - and others that she posted from flickr. I love her site; I'm always struck by how her photos are so gentle and serene. Check her out at:
For some time, I have had a similar changing "board" in my kitchen where I spend the bulk of my time. I thought today was as good a day as any to revamp a little, and maybe copy a little of the serene-ness of sfgirlbybay.

My favorite timer. I love that it is so loud when it ticks that when I'm baking early in the morning, I have to hide it in the cupboard.

After a few minutes of this photographing, I got a little carried away and photographed my lunch...grilled swiss cheese, piquant peppers, peas and pickled green beans from Laura.

I hope everyone else is as inspired as I am by sfgirlbybay...and thanks again to HGTV's Small Space Big Style which led me to discover her by accident.