Recent Carbohydrate Consumption

I am one of those people who gets very easily inspired. Looking even briefly at new websites is compellingly dangerous, since I immediately mentally catalogue what I have to make and in which order. (I totally identify with msmeanie who mentioned in her post today about mentally ranking recipes...) Of course, new websites turn into ones I follow, and a vicious cycle of too many carbohydrates inevitably ensue. But sometimes, a girl just needs some cake.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on the point of view, when I was cakeless on Sunday night, I plucked a Mostly Foodstuffs Majestic and Moist Honey Cake from the deep freeze. When I made these, I froze 2 petite bundts, and figured I'd eat them in the future. At the time I didn't know that future meant 5 months later. It was every bit as majestic and moist as the day it ventured into the freezer, and not a bit affected by such a long slumber. A half bundt per day, is all one really needs in life, methinks.

I have run into a number of new blogs that I really enjoy lately; one that is thankfully recipe-less is Horno Magico. I'm hooked, partly because this list of foods eaten is making me aspire to be virtuous, partly because I'm reminded of how I should be drinking more tea and less coffee, and mostly because it is peppered with amazing and simple photographs of eaten journeys.

Another is Chocolate Chip Trips, in which I saw these muffins, which I have patiently had in the back of my mind since I first saw them, and in which a reward was finally had after I remembered to pick up some white chocolate chips...

Unfortunately, msmeanie posts amazing recipes, which could only be a bad thing for someone who can easily be addicted to making more than can be consumed. On a positive note, she does tend to have healthier recipes, like this cauliflower, which is going to be made sometime very soon, since I also remembered to buy a cauliflower when I got the white chocolate chips...

These banana muffins with walnuts, dried cranberries and white chocolate are really amazing - especially just out of the oven. I did use quite a bit less sugar, and think that I could reduce it further when I make them again, since believe it or not, I'm getting used to eating less sugar. I will say that when you have to wonder if you are eating a cupcake or a muffin, you know you have hit a happy conundrum.

I had planned to make a couple different types of cupcakes today to equal the 3 dozen I needed, and unfortunately, only got to make one type: these amazing Chocolate Cinnamon Devil's Food cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. As if the name doesn't say it all, these cupcakes posted by La Spicy Vita are going to be a new staple here at Casa Rcakewalk. They are so dense and almost brownielike in texture, they will make you weak at the knees. The only downside, is that the recipe was true to its original yield and I got 37 cupcakes... That's right, one blessed leftover cupcake all for yours truly.

going, going, gone...

The only downside I could see, was that they prevented me from making these lemon beauties from Chocolate and Whine. I have to find an excuse to make them soon, because "ugly yellow sprinkles" or not, I think they look fantastic.

Thanks to Talia's suggestion, I downloaded Feedly for all my blog browsing organizational needs... and I'm glad I did, since it shaves many, many minutes off fumbling about looking for new posts. I feel a bit more liberated to bookmark a few new blogs and keep tabs on more amazing people in their amazing kitchens. Next, I'll have to reexamine my own blog's links lists and update.

Meanwhile, I have some carbohydrates to keep me company, and a slew of recipes to try before bookmarking more. It's the double edged knife, this blogging world... never a moment's rest between finding that next thing that MUST be made. But at least it is all a quite friendly competition in the battle of raging foodies, and one I'm not likely to give up on anytime soon.

UPDATE: April 11th, 2010

I made the Devil's Food Cupcakes R1's housewarming party yesterday and added chiles to the frosting. I considered adding some spice right to the batter, but couldn't quite commit to a level of spiciness. But, adding chiles to the butter-heavy frosting proved to be the right move, and has the added bonus of better control over the final level of heat. The fat of the butter also tempers the raw heat of the cayenne. I aimed for the middle of the road, and added (and I'm guessing here) about a tablespoon of Aleppo pepper and maybe a scant teaspoon of cayenne to the buttercream recipe that La Spicy Vita posted above. The resulting cupcake was addicting, and many in the small party indulged in more than one (or several, as was also the case). Another benefit is that the recipe makes 3 dozen. I know R1 ate one for her breakfast this morning, and I confess that one was also mine.

It is also worth noting that the original recipe from Epicurious uses an almond extract spiked frosting. Chocolate with almond extract is one of my favorite combinations, and no doubt it is worth the 6 (yes, 6!) sticks of butter. Maybe next time, I'll give this one a shot.